Google launched a small, thumb-drive sized HDMI device that rapidly leapt to the top-seller charts on Amazon and many other Ecommerce and shopping sites. A $35 part of hardware, was designed to bring the world of online streaming media to the television. The Chromecast solved the difficulty of using an HDMI cable from a laptop connected to a television simply to watch YouTube and other videos.

Chromecast is a digital media player and a microconsole developed by Google. This device for a change is not a set top box but it is a 2.83 inches HDMI Dongle which plays audio/video format on a HD television or any other HD display which can be directly stream by wireless connection. People choose the media to play utilizing mobile apps and web apps that support Chrome Cast Technology.

Chromecast released in July, 2013 and if we look back, it had definitely a great and got successful till now. This small, inexpensive HDMI stick and its method of streaming all your special shows, music and games is so effortless that you can enjoy it very much.

Chromecast has been quite popular among the people who are familiar with it. Those who still have to make their mind about it, they might have a lot of question regarding this tiny HDMI dongle. We have tried to cover all the queries regarding the same.