With Apple TV on tvOS, people can now play games, utilize productivity and social apps, enjoy movies, and enjoy shared experiences. All of these new features guide new opportunities for developers.

TVOS is derived from iOS but is a different OS, along with some frameworks that are supported only on TV OS. You’ll find that the awareness of iOS development, combined with support for a mutual, multi-user experience, opens up areas of possibilities for app development that you won’t find on iOS devices. You can build new apps or use your iOS code as a beginning purpose for a tvOS app. Either way, you utilize tools (Xcode) and languages (Objective-C, Swift, and JavaScript) that you simply aware with. This document relate the special capabilities of Apple TV and gives pointers to in-depth information that will get you started developing a TV OS app.

When porting an actual project, you can include an additional target in your Xcode project to simplify sharing of resources, but you require to make new storyboards for tvOS. Likely, you will require to look at how users navigate through your app and adapt your app’s user interface to Apple TV.